AGM Summary 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended the Nova Scotia Printmakers (NSP) annual general meeting, especially those who drove from outside of Halifax. Thank you to Julie Rosvall who organized the meeting space.

Below you will find a summary of the direction the attending membership has unanimously decided to take with the Nova Scotia Printmakers.  Thank you to Diana Cardoso for transcribing the discussion during our meeting, and to Maria Doering, Julie Rosvall, and Sally Warren for refining the notes to create this summary for the membership.

AGM Summary

Attendees: Maria Doering, Julie Rosvall, Linda Oickle, Hannah Genosko, Kristina Vermeulen, Pat Loucks, Bob Hainstock, Sally Warren, Ed Porter, Diana Cardoso, Deborah Maurer, Linda Oickle

As Nova Scotia Printmakers are not an officially registered society we have freedom to make adjustments as needed for the benefit of our membership.  The priorities for this year were identified as communication, regionalization and education.  This will be achieved through a new steering committee structure consisting of four to five volunteers, working with a network of regional representatives from print studios and communities around the province.

The steering committee will include the following positions for 2018-2019:

Administrative Coordinator – Maria Doering
Regional Community Coordinator – Julie Rosvall
Treasurer – Sally Warren
Website Coordinator – Hannah Genosko
Program Coordinator – to be filled by September 2018

All positions will have two year term with possibility of renewal for a third year.

The steering committee will work together to connect with printmaking members across Nova Scotia, with a focus in 2018 of establishing the new steering committee structure, and the groundwork for the organizations mandate of communication, regionalization and educationwithin the printmaking community. The ultimate goal is to link with regional printmaking organizations and individual members to support them in what they are doing.

Communication, to provide an online place for members to be represented and connected.
-rebuild the NSP website
-re- activate the NSP social media presence

Members, both directly and through regional representatives will provide the content for website and social media posts.
-revive the NSP newsletter
The newsletter will mine the social media and website submissions for relevant content, as well as provide reports of meetings or events submitted by members and/or regional representatives.  Two newsletters will be published electronically for 2018, dates to be determined, with the alternative to send out additional news that is time sensitive.

Regionalization, to connect with printmakers in each region.  Representatives from each region will be the NSP contact for sending in information about exhibitions, workshops, and general goings on in their area.  Toward the end of 2018 those regional reps will connect online to develop the programs they think will engage their locals and connect them to the wider membership.

Education, to engage the public in printmaking activities, and educate them about what printmaking is.  This activity will be done primarily through regional initiatives, and via NSP website, social media, and newsletter.  Discussion regarding future public programming will come through the regional reps, membership, and steering committee.  NSP will support programming efforts by members. For example, Linda Oickle will be printmaking with the public at the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia for several events in 2018.  Linda will have the opportunity to put out a call for additional volunteers via NSP social media and newsletter.

If you would like to volunteer as a regional rep, have special skills like writing, web design, administration or something we haven’t thought of, or have printmaking news to share, please get in touch!

The NSP steering committee looks forward to working with regional reps, and the membership as a whole to create a solid foundation that is able to respond to the needs of printmakers around the province in a reliable and consistent way for years to come.

Maria Doering, Hannah Genosko, Julie Rosvall, and Sally Warren

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